Commercial Refrigeration Equipment.

Freezers, refrigerators, walk-in coolers, beer caves & other store & restaurant refrigeration equipment.

Windrock Enterprises Food Service Equipment

For restaurants, convenience & liquor stores.

Commercial refrigeration equipment for any application.

Beer Caves

Custom designed walk in beer caves to display a variety of alcholic beverages.

Beer Coolers

Efficient glass display coolers for alchoholic beverages.


Commercial freezers for lobby display and backroom storage.

Ice Machines

Full service ice machines and ice service solutions.

Open Air Coolers

Open air coolers designed to showcase cold food in convenience stores.


Commercial refrigeration solutions for retail display and kitchen use.

Beverage Coolers

Efficient glass display coolers for cold beverages.

Walk-In Refrigeration

Commercial cold food storage solutions for restaurants and convenience stores.

Save time and money with commercial refrigeration equipment from Windrock Enterprises.